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Memorial Day Parade

Details for parade
See the following particulars:
Color Guard:

  • MCL Cover
  • Short Sleeve White Shirt
  • Dress Blues Trousers
  • Black Socks
  • Highly Polished Navy Style Black Oxford Shoes

Detachment Banner Carriers:

  • MCL Cover
  • Short Sleeve White Shirt
  • Dress Blues Trousers -or- Black Trousers
  • Black Socks
  • Highly Polished Navy Style Black Oxford Shoes

Detachment Marchers Suggested Wear:

  • All other please wear MCL Cover
  • Short Sleeve Red Polo Style Shirt
  • Black Trousers
  • Black Socks
  • Highly Polished Navy Style Oxford
  • Other Style Black Shoes.

Detachment Banners:
This year the Detachment’s red cloth banner will again be carried in from of the Detachment’s marching formation.
However, there will also be a second banner which is 8’ wide, and 4’ high. It is suspended from a painted wooden pole with handles at either end. It is requested that any Detachment member, MCL Auxiliary member, or others who will be marching with the Detachment, please consider volunteering to carry this new colorful double sided banner that will show all parade attendees the new contact details for the Detachment, etc.
Carriers of this new banner must be able to keep it from dragging along the roadway while marching with it.
Detachment Marching Formation:

  • Two (2) properly uniformed Detachment members will carry the Detachment’s red banner in front of the Detachment’s formation.
  • The Detachment’s Color Guard will follow, with one member of the Color Guard calling cadence so that the lead banner will remain in proper marching step with the Color Guard at all times. Parade participants are judged on appearance, and Marines are known for their snap and pop; so let’s hear some this year!
  • Following the Color Guard will be uniformed Detachment Officers and Members.
  • Following them will be a convertible automobile that seats five (5) adults. It will have its top down and three (3) Marines/Corpsmen who are not comfortable enough to march are invited to sit up on top of the back seat, where the retracted convertible top will be covered with a soft vinyl shell. While there they will be waving to the crowd during the parade. It would be very nice to have our most senior Marines and Corpsmen occupy this position.
    This vehicle is white and will be appointed with multiple MCL and USMC large magnetic medallions, etc. Two (2) other Marines/Corpsmen, Auxiliary Member(s) who cannot march will occupy the two (2) front seats with one being the licensed driver.
    The five (5) positions in this motor vehicle are being offered on a first come first served basis. If you show up at the muster point and cannot march, and you are wearing the basic MCL cover and a red shirt (of Auxiliary member’s attire), you are going to be able to be in this vehicle until the seats are all taken.
    Following the convertible automobile carrying senior veterans, will be all other marchers.

A large parking field exists south of the Martin County Courthouse Complex, between E. Ocean Boulevard and Martin Luther King Boulevard. Access to this large parking area can be made by taking Flagler Avenue between both Boulevards. When the parade ends egress from this parking field can be made by accessing Martin Luther King Boulevard with is an east west roadway.
Parking, and access to the parade muster location, can also be found along Osceola Street, and perhaps even in vacant parking areas in the vicinity of the Hospital, which is directly north of the muster point for the Detachment.
Muster (Marshalling) Location for Detachment 1045:
On S.E. High School Avenue, south of S.E. Ocean Boulevard, and north of S.E. 5th Street.
All Detachment Members, MCL Auxiliary Members, family and friends, who will be marching, or riding in the convertible automobile, with the Detachment are to be at the muster point by 0900 (9:00 a.m.).
The decaled/decorated white convertible will be on S.E. High School Avenue, and can serve as the muster point.

Next Detachment Meeting:

April 5, Wednesday - 1900
Stuart-Jensen Elks Lodge #1870
1001 S Kanner Hwy.
Stuart, Florida

Staff Meeting the preceding Wednesday.

Detachment Officers

Commandant: Darren Shull, Esq.
Sr. Vice Commandant: Pat Breen
Jr. Vice Commandant: Eric Brand
Judge Advocate: Jack Prosuh
Junior Past Commandant: Cary Haerlin
Adjutant: Deborah Haerlin
Paymaster: Don Sorokin
Sergeant-at-Arms: Ralph Newlon
Chaplain: Glenn Galtere

Public Relations: D. Robin Barker
Historian: Ralph Newlon
Newsletter Editor: George L. Seaman, Jr.
Web Master: George L. Seaman, Jr.

Auxiliary Officers

MCL Auxiliary President: Carole Prosuh
Sr. Vice President: Lisa Vigliotti
Jr. Vice President: Dolly Scholz
Judge Advocate: Eileen Breen
Chaplain: Lisa Vigliotti

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