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The Detachment has two classes of officers, Elected and Appointed. Elected Officers can serve up to two consecutive one-year terms in office unless the Detachment Bylaws provide differently. The officers and their duties are:                


Commandant - Presides at all Detachment meetings, serves as advisor to all committees and is in direct charge of all functions of the Detachment

Senior. Vice Commandant - Assists the Commandant and acts in his/her behalf during the absence or illness of the Commandant.

Junior. Vice Commandant - Assumes the responsibilities of the Commandant or the Sr. vice Commandant if either or both are not available. Acts as Membership Chairman and is responsible for the growth of the Detachment

Judge Advocate Interprets the By-Laws of the Detachment, Department, and National Marine Corps League. Also ensures that meetings are run in accordance with the Bylaws and Robert's Rules of Order.



Adjutant - Keeps a complete record of all meetings, typewritten or neatly by hand, in a ledger or log. Keeps records of membership and handles all transmittals. Keeps necessary Corporate Minutes to satisfy state legal requirements.

Paymaster - Serves as Treasurer of the Detachment and keeps an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements of the Detachment. Also prepares and files the required tax returns and corporate registration and renewal with the state.

Chaplain - Informs the membership of any member or member’s family that is ill or in distress and visits same, if possible, or asks other members to do so. Maintains a prayer list of members and family in sickness or distress. Reports the death of any member to the Detachment, Department, and National on the appropriate form.

Sergeant-at-Arms - Responsible for setting up the premises for all meetings. Shall preserve order at all meetings and perform such other duties as are required by the Commandant.

Junior Past Commandant - This officer is the immediate past Commandant and serves to provide guidance and counsel to the Detachment Commandant and other officers. Such other Appointed Officers or committee chairs as the Commandant may desire. These may include such positions as Veterans’ Service Officer, Historian, Newsletter Editor, Color Guard Commander, Toys for Tots Chairman, Youth Programs Chairman, Ships Store Chairman, Public Relations/Information Officer, etc.

Next Detachment Meeting:

April 5, Wednesday - 1900
Stuart-Jensen Elks Lodge #1870
1001 S Kanner Hwy.
Stuart, Florida

Staff Meeting the preceding Wednesday.

Detachment Officers

Commandant: Darren Shull, Esq.
Sr. Vice Commandant: Pat Breen
Jr. Vice Commandant: Eric Brand
Judge Advocate: Jack Prosuh
Junior Past Commandant: Cary Haerlin
Adjutant: Deborah Haerlin
Paymaster: Don Sorokin
Sergeant-at-Arms: Ralph Newlon
Chaplain: Glenn Galtere

Public Relations: D. Robin Barker
Historian: Ralph Newlon
Newsletter Editor: George L. Seaman, Jr.
Web Master: George L. Seaman, Jr.

Auxiliary Officers

MCL Auxiliary President: Carole Prosuh
Sr. Vice President: Lisa Vigliotti
Jr. Vice President: Dolly Scholz
Judge Advocate: Eileen Breen
Chaplain: Lisa Vigliotti

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