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Jr. Vice Commandant's Message

November is a very important month for our Detachment, and all of you have the opportunity to share in multiple Detachment events which have been previously announced and published in this Newsletter for you. Certainly, if you can participate you will share our Detachment’s and League’s L’Esprit du Corps.

Senior Vice Commandant Tim Taylor will provide a true ‘insiders’ view on the military logistics involved in the epic Gulf War, when he presents during the Detachment’s public educational program at the Blake Library on Saturday, November 9th at 1400. During that war our SVC was one of the officers who was responsible for the USMC logistics that helped with our Corps’ and other armed forces’ successes; and earned the Bronze Star for his exemplary leadership.

As our upcoming elections are concluded a new year will call for our officers and members to do what is necessary together to help our Detachment grow and complete every mission we set out to accomplish.

This Detachment has acquired on loan from the U.S. Army eight (8) M-1 Garand Rifles. So for those members who are able to march well and have acquired the MCL white shirt, and have dress blue trousers, we do hope you volunteer to serve in the Detachment’s new ‘Rifle Squad.’ No doubt drill is required to help us, but under Marine Cary Haerlin’s personal leadership our squad will be snapped into shape in no time at all.

Your involvement is so very important to our group. Please do all you can to help the Detachment and our League. If you desire transportation to our new meeting site, please let the JVC or Commandant know. Thank you.
Happy 238th Birthday!

Semper Fidelis,

D. Robin Barker, JVC

Next Detachment Meeting:

April 5, Wednesday - 1900
Stuart-Jensen Elks Lodge #1870
1001 S Kanner Hwy.
Stuart, Florida

Staff Meeting the preceding Wednesday.

Detachment Officers

Commandant: Darren Shull, Esq.
Sr. Vice Commandant: Pat Breen
Jr. Vice Commandant: Eric Brand
Judge Advocate: Jack Prosuh
Junior Past Commandant: Cary Haerlin
Adjutant: Deborah Haerlin
Paymaster: Don Sorokin
Sergeant-at-Arms: Ralph Newlon
Chaplain: Glenn Galtere

Public Relations: D. Robin Barker
Historian: Ralph Newlon
Newsletter Editor: George L. Seaman, Jr.
Web Master: George L. Seaman, Jr.

Auxiliary Officers

MCL Auxiliary President: Carole Prosuh
Sr. Vice President: Lisa Vigliotti
Jr. Vice President: Dolly Scholz
Judge Advocate: Eileen Breen
Chaplain: Lisa Vigliotti

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